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Living or visiting the United States from another country will mean having a valid visa, and the same will apply for the Helena resident that is traveling to Canada or any other country. The employer that would like to have foreign workers for seasonal or non-seasonal work, will be required to file a petition with the USCIS, before the person in another country will be able to apply for a visa for work or business purposes. These can be complex processes and often lead to immigration lawyer questions. This is where the immigration lawyer Helena can be extremely helpful, since they have a legal knowledge of the process and stay informed of any changes by the USCIS in the rules and regulations.

The process includes filling out an application, whether it is for a new visa, visa renewal or petitioning for a foreign worker. Then along with the application other documents will be required and all this must be submitted to the agency, where it will be approved or denied. If all of the documents are not submitted or the application is filled out incorrectly, it can be a reason to have it rejected. Then the errors will be necessary to correct, before it can be resubmitted for approval. This can take weeks or months and with the help of the Helena immigration attorney the person submitting a visa application package, will be aware of all the documents and submit the package properly the first time.

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